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As the popularity of personal computers rises, the increase in hardware problems follows suit. A rise in concerns such as limited warranty period, high maintenance cost and high upgrading cost becomes a burden. We learned the growing problem of digital junk due to the popularity of computers. To resolve these, Buynow launched the Smart Rental Program; whereby “it’s more affordable to rent than buy”, targeting to eliminate all the above-mentioned pain points. Furthermore, it helps save users 37% of the cost.

For 20 years, Buynow is focused to move forward to help all, whether you are a business owner, a student, a single mom, a hawker stall or a small start-up, etc. We will strive to become better and provide more with better service. We are privileged to have you as part of us to experience the joy of running on a broad and open road (brilliant future prospect) with us!

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Minimum investment package from RM1000
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投资Buynow, 大马收集和归还租赁资产专家

在个人电脑普及化的今天,许多人在购买电脑后,都会面对保修期有限、维修费高昂、更新成本高等问题。为此,Buynow推出 “租比买更实惠”方案,除了将上述痛点一网打尽,还能为用户省下37%的开销。